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We work with sustainable-minded clients in Morgantown, West Virginia looking for high-craftsmanship work for their new home construction, home renovation or home addition.
If you have questions or would like to set up a time to chat, please call us 304-777-2086 at or use our contact form.

Design Services

Design Services

The scope of our design services can vary greatly. We can start from scratch with you or customize existing plans. We prefer to work with clients who already have their land purchased, as all home designs do not work on all plots of land. We can take your provided plans and make further customizations to your blueprints.

We also provide site plan work. This means that we can assess if your chosen plan works for your site. We can advise on things such as noticing that certain trees will stain your sidewalk or that you need this area of your land quarantined for septic. On budget jobs, we can help arrange your house to fit your budget, not the other way around. Learn more about our design + build services.

Renovations and Additions

This is a serious affair; good renovators need a military-style plan. Our company's start was additions and renovations, so we've seen a lot.

We are able to give advice, provide design and engineering considerations, remain flexible, and improve your home's livability, aesthetic, energy efficiency, and more. We work in Morgantown and surrounding areas, especially South Park and Suncrest. Within Morgantown city limits, all renovations and additions require blueprints. Other neighborhoods include Greystone, Miramichi, Raven Rock, Snake Hill, Thistledown, Imperial Woods, and more!

Learn more about our remodeling.

New Construction

From concept to construction, we provide a full-service offering to bring your dream home to reality.

Our homes are craftsman-style homes that often feature custom woodwork and stone.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design

Sustainable design is about energy efficiency and long-time durability. We want to build you a finely crafted home that will last. We tend to stick to traditional methods because they work.

For instance, we advise homeowners to choose solid wood flooring and tile because they are durable, lasting, and repairable rather than materials like vinyl, which is thrown away and replaced when damaged. We consider the footprint of shipping and travel and opt to use local materials and local subs.

Deep Energy Retrofits

Deep energy retrofits

We take a non-energy efficient house and make it efficient. This can include adding insulation, window upgrades, solar panels, or a more efficient furnace.

Certified Structural Insulated Panel Installation (SIPs)

SIPs are an alternative product for building the walls of your home. Essentially, SIPs are foam with two pieces of plywood on either side. They are incredibly flat, air-tight, fast to install, and energy-efficient.

Timber Frame Construction

Timberframe Construction

In a traditional home, the frame structural work is behind the drywall. In a timber frame home, the structure of the home is exposed. The structure itself becomes an architectural and aesthetic feature. 

We love timber frame homes because we are proud of the structures we can provide. We specialize our timber frames to the area it is being built – to best aesthetically combine the house and the landscape. We see timber frame homes as true works of art.

Custom Kitchens

For us – a custom kitchen is one built using a lot of input from the homeowner. We strive to create a space that meets the client's needs specifically–designed around them and no one else.

For instance, if we notice you're a baker, we might suggest a counter specifically for baking and lower the counter height for your comfort. Our work has been recognized by General Contractors Magazine, ranking us as the #2 kitchen remodeling company in the state of West Virginia. Our Mon County Farmhouse's kitchen was featured in June 2019's Country Living Magazine.

Custom Cabinet Woodwork

We love custom cabinetry because they are sustainable, unlike cheap materials. Custom cabinets are strong, stiff, the doors can be slammed, and when needed, they are repairable.

Interior Woodwork


Chris's background is as a trim carpenter, so this detail in your home is never overlooked. We are considerate with trim materials, choosing materials for durability and budget.

Outdoor Living

We design and build outdoor spaces that increase the square footage of your home. Our outdoor spaces often include custom decks built to meet your lifestyle outdoors, exterior woodwork, and pergolas.

Detached Garages

Rising Sun Construction garages are built with a high level of quality. Our standard detached garages come with everything you need, and if you would like to further customize your building we can do almost anything.